Our approach

Structured and systematic

For long-term partnerships

These five cornerstones represent the essential elements of our joint projects.

Project definition

Each project begins with comprehensive consultations between you and us. It is important to us that we get to know you, your business, the responsible management and your business culture – ideally right there on your premises.

Together we define a detailed, precise requirements profile for the position to be filled and also for the ideal candidate, as well as determining the time and investment plan.

Our search strategy

When searching for the suitable candidate for your business, we take a systematic, sector-based approach. And of course, we agree the respective search strategy with you in advance.

Direct approaches by our experienced research team always form a fixed component of our search. We also take advantage of the benefits of data-driven recruiting. If required, and with your agreement, we also simultaneously place a job advertisement in selected online job portals.

The selection process

We conduct in-depth preliminary telephone interviews with candidates who appear suitable. The next step is to additionally conduct personal interviews with the candidates who offer the greatest potential. We compare your requirements with the candidates’ qualifications – not just their professional qualifications, but also personal qualifications.

After a detailed analysis of the potential candidates, we create comprehensive dossiers, which we then provide to you.


Once the shortlist candidates have been selected, we support you in the role of trusting partner and moderator during the personal interviews.


Not only do we support our clients and candidates during the decisive final stage, but of course also after the final employment contract has been signed.

Our aim is to fill the position long term, with the candidate who best fits YOUR needs – for your success and ours.

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